Say hello to the leadership team at Clearview.

Meet our Leaders

Rev. Erick Ashley - Pastor

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Samantha Kling - Director of Programs

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Diana Wells - Church Administrator

2022 Church Leadership Team

Judy Tenison

Joe Clark

Jill Goude

Gene Benware

Cindi Gilbert

Ann Schaefer

Jon Rowe

Barbara Finnical

Donnie Morneault

Church Leadership Team Chairperson - Judy Tenison

Lay Leader - Gene Benware

Finance Liaison - Cindi Gilbert

Staff Parish Relations Liaison - Judy Tenison

Trustees Liaison - Joe Clark

Lay Delegate To Annual Conference - Judy Tenison

*Recording Secretary - Diana Wells


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Nominations & Leadership Development

Sean Henisa

Ann Bennett

Vicki Quale

Gene Benware, Lay Leader

Rev. Erick Ashley, Pastor