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Sunday • July 21

Humanitarian Crises: Gaza, Haiti & Africa

Monday • July 22

Victims of the War in Ukraine

Tuesday • July 23

Worldwide: Those Unable to Afford Housing (Rent & Utilities)

Wednesday • July 24

Worldwide: Victims of Political Violence

Thursday • July 25

Worldwide: Victims of Intolerance

Friday • July 26

Worldwide: Those Suffering From Food Insecurity

Saturday • July 27

Worldwide: Victims of Wildfires, Flooding and Tornados 


New July 21st: Cassie Berg, Hannah and Greyson-travel mercies for their OH trip; K.J. Henisa-tendon surgery on 7/16-prayers for speedy recovery and comfort; Karen (S.E. Georgia)-surgery to replace a heart valve (granddaughter-C. Klotzbach); George Roth Sr.-prayers for ongoing health issues and travel mercies as he visits son, George Jr.

(J. Goude).


New July 14th: Bev Berg-lung cancer & heart issues, continued prayers (C. Berg); Valerie Cochran-surgery 7/8 for broken wrist, prayers for fast healing and comfort; Lynn Nelson-lost her other leg due to infection, now a double amputee, prayers for healing of her soul and body (friend-J. Goude); Lynne Rogers-triple bypass heart surgery on 7/8 at Tampa General, prayers for healing, comfort and peace (sister-L. Davis); Sandy Williams-stage 3 colon cancer and husband has inoperable brain tumor, prayers for resolution, healing and comfort (D. Deacon).


Ongoing: Crystal Anderson, Eileen Bennett, Chris Benware, Louis Benware, Elaine Billings, Dawn Birch, Carrie Brown, Luke Burdewick, Matt Burdewick, Jean Daddis, Harry Davis, Josh Davis, Tim Deacon, Genevieve DeHoog, Harry & Kevin Delauter, Robert Eldred, Sherri Gonicberg, Phyllis Greenwood, Brenda Harris, Melissa Hartman, Eric Hinkle, Wen & Ruth Hockersmith, Rycky Hollimon, Elizabeth Holmes, Ted Hughes Family & Friends, Hulett Family, Carolyn McGovern, Tosha Mohr, Sandy Morneault, Jim Mouse, Nancy Plato, Tammi Radcliff, Gary Simser Family, Mark Smith, Mark Steinwinter, Matt Strid, Jim & Edna Templey, Matthew Torre, Vanessa & Mother, Lynda Waite, Rev. Tanner White Family, Pastor Erick Ashley & Family, Clearview UMC & Leadership, our country and leaders.


Military: Seth Crist & Family, Casey Linde-Powers, George Roth & Family, Connor South and All American Military In Harm’s Way.


Our Mission Partners: Our sister church in Cuba: Iglesia Metodista de Guareiras – Matanzas Cuba District; FL Dream Center; Residing Hope (Children’s Home); Zoe Empowers Abishyizehamwe “Togetherness” Group in Rwanda.



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