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Current Prayer List

August 14, 2022

Pray For Our World Endangered By The Coronavirus Pandemic

Pray For Peace In Ukraine

Pray For Victims & Families Of Ongoing U.S. Mass Shootings


New August 14th: Sue Atkins-in Bayfront Hospital, scheduled for surgery on 8/11; Bill Godfrey & Family-recovering from COVID-19; Gerald Godin-Mentor & Ford Family-ongoing prayers, personal issues (Brennan); Leslie & Family-homeless due to house fire, grandson in Tampa General with burns, also personal health concerns; Maceal Liddy & Friend-personal issues (Brennan); Candace & Isaac Rucker & Family-recovering from COVID-19 (Hockersmith); Suzanne Stanford & Family-sympathies on recent loss of her husband (Strid); Mary Jo Strid & Tom-at home with COVID-19; Sharon Welsh-sick with COVID-19 (Fulkman).  


New August 7th: Erin & Matt-loss of jobs (Fulkman); Friends being diagnosed with COVID (Fulkman); Maria Hockersmith-health issues; Jason & Family-prayers for personal issues (Brenda); Richard Mathews-emergency heart cath, 4 by-pass surgeries scheduled soon (Claphan); Upcoming School Year-students, parents, teachers & school personnel; Victims & Responders of recent Kentucky flooding disaster.


Ongoing: Diana Anderson, Baby Logan Landry Lassiter, Chris Benware, Elaine Billings, Kitty Carter, Linda Clark, Paul Croft, Jean Daddis, Delores Davis, Tim Deacon, Stephanie Dennis, Robert Eldred, Diann Ferguson, Cynthia German’s Stepfather, Lois Godfrey, Shawnna Godshalk, Brian Goude, Phyllis Greenwood, Donna Hawley, Bobby Hoffmann, Elizabeth Holmes, Kling Family, Vickie & Kevin Knight, Ginny & Wil LaBrant, Lee, Paul Locascio, Carolyn & Jerry McGovern, Bertis & Don McMillan, Mike, Sandy Morneault, Effie Mowry, Alan Norton, Rosemary Norton, Chris Petry, Rob Plato, Linda & Bill Register, Marilyn Sainsbury Family, Ed Shatto, Ed Van Anden Family, Patty Venable’s Family, Phyllis Zwick, Pastor Erick Ashley & Family, Clearview UMC & Leadership, our country and leaders.


Military: Seth Crist & Family, Sam Godin, Casey Linde-Powers, George Roth & Family, Jordan Sanchez.

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