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Sunday • Dec 3

Victims of Israel and Hamas War

Monday • Dec 4

Victims of War in Ukraine

Tuesday • Dec 5

Victims (African Ethnic Groups) in Darfur Region of Sudan

Wednesday • Dec 6

Victims of Somalia Flood

Thursday • Dec 7

American Military in Harm’s Way

Friday • Dec 8

Victims of Earthquake in Nepal

Saturday • Dec 9

Victims of Mass Shootings in the U.S. (619+ in 2023)


New December 3rd: Wendy Cooper-having kidney mass biopsy, prayers for benign results (coworker-C. Gilbert); Galen Ober-deployed with USS Gerald Ford, prayers for a safe tour of duty (C. Berg); Kristen Owens-continued issues with back surgery, prayers for healing and comfort (C. Berg); Pete-Parkinson’s disease-prayers for Pete and his partner/caregiver Jennifer as he battles this disease, praying for comfort and peace (friends of J. Goude); Theresa Wieboldt-cancer, prayers for recovery and comfort (sister-in-law S. Ames).


New November 26th: Chris Benware-recent foot surgery, prayers for recovery and healing (daughter-in-law of G. Benware); Tosha Mohr-continuing prayers for her battle with breast cancer (C. Ewen); Susan Williams-broken hand and hospitalized after subsequent fall, prayers for healing (mother-V. Quale).


Ongoing: Crystal Anderson, Jack Bagwell, Eileen Bennett, Elaine Billings, Cassie Brown, Les Burrage, Jean Daddis, Harry Davis, Tim Deacon, Michael Ebinger, Robert Eldred, Codee Gilbert & Teaching Team, Bill & Lois Godfrey, Brian Goude, Phyllis Greenwood, Eric Hinkle, Ruth & Wen Hockersmith, Rycky Hollimon, Elizabeth Holmes, Carolyn McGovern, Bertis & Don McMillan, Sandy Morneault, Emily South & Family, Tracy Sullivan, Victoria VanHoose, Lynda Waite, Phyllis Zwick, Pastor Erick Ashley & Family, Clearview UMC & Leadership, our country and leaders.


Our Mission Partners: Our sister church in Cuba: Iglesia Metodista de Guareiras – Matanzas Cuba District; FL Dream Center; Florida United Methodist Children’s Home, Zoe Empowers Abishyizehamwe “Togetherness” Group in Rwanda.




My body and my heart fail,

but God is my heart’s rock and my share forever.


⁓Psalm 73:26 CEB⁓





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